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Parents of Tommaso Cimino

Maria Grazia Tamburo (Mary Grace Cimino)
Married Cosimo Cimino

Born: 1848
Died: 1925

Information from grave stone. (Birth year agrees with age stated on son's birth record.)
Buried at New Cathedral Cemetery in Baltimore, Maryland.

Father was Salvatore Tamburo. Mother's identity still undiscovered.

Joined her family in America (1905) after her husband's death. She lived mostly in Baltimore, but spent summers with her son Tommaso's family in Salisbury, Maryland.

Cosimo Cimino
Married Maria Grazia Tamburo

Born in 1840 or 1841, based on information from his son's birth record. His father was Tommaso. Mother's identity still undiscovered.

Parents of Domenica Zito

Concetta Giglio
Married Leonardo Zito

No further information discovered.

Leonardo Zito
Married Concetta Giglio

Born in 1830 or 1831, based on information from his daughter's birth record.

No further information discovered.

Domenica and Tommaso

Domenica Zito (Mamie Cimino/Cinno)
Married Tommaso Cimino (a.k.a. Thomas Cinno)

Year 1882. Atto N° 133.
Domenica Zito.
Born on April 24, 1882 at 7.00 a.m.
Father: Leonardo Zito, 51 years old, country-man.
Mother: Concetta Giglio
Address: Via Costa 41

Emigrated with her husband to Baltimore, Maryland, through Ellis Island, arriving in New York aboard the Trojan Prince, June 25, 1901. Later moved to 801 Pearl St. Salisbury, Maryland.

Became a naturalized citizen of the United States on July 5, 1927.

Died June 15, 1946, buried at New Cathedral Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland.

Tommaso Cimino (a.k.a. Thomas Cinno)

Year 1869. Atto N° 248.
Tommaso Salvatore Maria Cimino.
Born on 1 August 1869. (Our family records show 29 July.)
Father: Cosimo Cimino di (of) Tommaso (his father's name was Tommaso), 28 years old, country-man.
Mother: Maria Grazia Tamburo fu (was) Salvatore (her father's name was Salvatore), 21 years old.
Address: Via Osterio (now Cortile-Courtyard Osterio).

Married Domenica Zito April 25, 1901.

Became a naturalized citizen of the United States on November 20, 1926.

Died March 11, 1949, buried at New Cathedral Cemetery, Baltimore, Maryland.

Siblings of Domenica Zito

Frank(Francesco) Zito
Leonardo Zito (went back to Sicily)
Vincenzo Zito (stayed in Sicily, Children: Rose(Rosa?) Frank(Francesco?)
Joseph(Giuseppe?) Zito
One other daughter believed to have stayed in Cefalu'

Siblings of Tommaso Cimino

Giovannina Provenza b. July 13, 1877 d. February 7, 1959   Married Domenico Provenza, in Cefalu, before coming to Baltimore, Maryland.
Salvatrice Noto 18__ - 1966   Married Salvatore Noto June 4, 1905
Mary Cento 1884 - 1962   Married Thomas Cento 1880 - 1925
Sam Cimino 1886 - 1965   Married Rosa Maggio 1890 - 1985
Cosimo Cimino 1888 or 1889 - 19__
Rosa Provenza ____ - ____
Two other daughters believed to have stayed in Cefalu'

Children of Domenica and Tommaso

Frank G. Cimino May 7, 1902 - April 1, 1981

Mary D'Antoni November 15, 1903 - April 22, 1970   Married John D'Antoni (1902 - 1976)

Minnie/Concetta Marie Zito b. October 5, 1905 - d. January 25, 2002
Married Salvatore Zito (May 18, 1899 - January 1, 1967), November 6, 1927 at St. Francis DeSales Church, Salisbury, Maryland.

Zena Cimino b. January 10, 1907 - d. August 28, 1974

Leonard Cinno b. April 9, 1908 - d. November 23, 1993

Married Lillie Anvilla Hughes (April 5, 1913 - March 5, 2002) June 2, 1933 in Wicomico County, Maryland.

Sam Cimino b. May 30, 1910 - d. January 1, 1996   Married Beulah Malone