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The Cinno Story

It's confusing to me also, but here are two stories which I have been told.

My great-grandfather ran a confectionery store in Salisbury, Maryland. He was well known for his fresh roasted peanuts. One story is that my great-grandfather had placed an order for bags in which to package his product, and for whatever reason, the name "Cinno" was printed on the bags. He then adopted the name as a sort of trademark.

Another story, is that there was a prominent sign for "Cinco Cigars" in front of his store, and the locals confused it with his name, and "Cinno" was born.

Whichever is the case, he never cared to correct the mistake, and used the Cinno name from then on. I guess it just made good business sense to keep the name.

The Cinno name has since all but disappeared. My grandmother, Lillie, is the last remaining Cinno.

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