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Tommaso Cimino (a.k.a. Thomas Cinno)

Married Domenica Zito

Year 1869. Atto N° 248.
Tommaso Salvatore Maria Cimino.
Born on 1 August 1869. (Our family records show 29 July.)
Father: Cosimo Cimino di (of) Tommaso (his father's name was Tommaso. Still alive at the moment of the child's birth), 28 years old, country-man.
Mother: Maria Grazia Tamburo fu (was) Salvatore (her father's name had been Salvatore. Already dead at the moment of the child's birth), 21 years old.
Address: Via Osterio (now Cortile-Courtyard Osterio).

Immigrated through the port of New Orleans, La., then returned to Sicily for marriage. Subsequently moved back to the United States (Baltimore, Md.) with his bride. Settled in Salisbury, Md. around 1909-1910.

Became a naturalized citizen of the United States on November 20, 1926.

Died March 11, 1949